Week 2 Thursday Night Picks

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Week 2 Thursday Night Picks Empty Week 2 Thursday Night Picks

Post  RayHez on Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:37 pm

There were two guys I didn't get a pick from if you did make a pick and I didn't get it because my phone was updating please send me a screen shot with the time code on it and I will make the adjustment. Sunday I will be in Chicago at the Bears game so I will not be able to send out the picks til later that night.

DEN - Cari, Mike L., Alex, Nate H., Josh, Andy, Jimmy, Sam, Robbie, Ray, Thomas, Dustin, Derek, Tyler, Kevin, Brenda

KC - Keith, Jeremy, Amanda, Stumpy, Matt, Bill, Nate E., Kyle, Raul, Luke, Allison, Mike W., Chris B., John M.


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