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U Pick Em Rules and Payouts Empty U Pick Em Rules and Payouts

Post  RayHez on Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:21 am

NFL U Pick'em League 2014
$20 buy-in

Remember all this can be viewed on www.nflupickem.forumotion.com anytime.


The league will start on THURSDAY, September, 10th, 2015 and run until SUNDAY, January 3rd, 2015 with the Super Bowl Teams running until SUNDAY, February 7th, 2016. It will be a one-time entry fee of $20.00. It is a straight pick'em league, YOU ARE NOT PICKING AGAINST THE SPREAD. Each game of that week will be assigned a point value based on the difficulty to pick a winner. Points are added on to your total score for each correct pick and subtracted from your total score for each incorrect pick. There are four ways to win.

At the end of the year, total scores from weeks 1-17 are added up and the winners are decided. The top three(3) places will be paid out on this game. ($8.50 will be taken out of the buy in to pay for this game)

In addition to the point system each week you will go against a person, head to head, the winner will be determined by whose points are higher. In the event of a tie during the regular season it will go on your record as a tie (0-0-1). At the beginning of the year I will send out a schedule of who you’re playing each week. Like the NFL we have two(2) conferences with four(4) divisions in each. You will play everyone in your division once (3), everyone in two other divisions (and then the final two weeks you will be paired up with one person from two different divisions (2). At the beginning of Week 14 the playoffs will begin. It will be a 12 person, single elimination tournament. To determine who gets into the playoffs, it will be the same as the NFL, the winners of the divisions and two wildcard teams from each conference. Seeds 1 and 2 from each conference will earn a bye in the first week of the playoffs while seeds 3 and 4 will face the wild cards. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be paid out in this game. ($8.50 will be taken out of the buy in to pay for this game)

Everyone’s name will be put in hat and drawn, then in the order your name was drawn a team will be drawn. That is your team for the year if they win the super bowl you win the pot, that simple. ($2.00 will be taken out of the buy in for the pay out for this pot.)
Your super bowl team will serve as your unbeaten team as well. If your team is the last team still unbeaten you win. If multiple teams lose in the same week, there will be no winner and the money will be placed back into the Records and Points payouts. ($1.00 will be taken out of the buy in for the pay out for this pot.)


--Buy in is due no later than September 4th, 2014 but I would like to get everyone’s buy in a week before the season starts so I can get everything in order.

--The divisions will be picked by me. I will be as fair as I can. Most likely you will be placed in a division with people you know.

--Max number of points will be based on how many games are being played that week. (ex. if 14 games are being played that week then 1-14 points will be assigned to each game.)

--The hardest game to pick will be assigned the highest number of points.

--The easiest game to pick will be assigned with 1 point.

--YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PICK EVERY GAME FOR THAT WEEK. You may pick as many or as little games as you want. You may pick zero(0) teams if you like but YOU MUST TELL ME you are not picking any teams for that week. If this is not done it will be considered an automatic forfeit and you will receive a loss for that week.

--Point values will be decided by me. I will be using ESPN.com's Power Rankings to get the point values for the games.

--Point values for that week’s game will be emailed to you on Tuesday night most of the time.

--Picks must be emailed to me before kickoff on Thursday games. Picks for ALL the Sunday and Monday games will be due by noon on Sunday. ANY PICKS IN AFTER THE PICKS HAVE BEEN EMAILED OUT WILL NOT COUNT.

--Picks can be changed until I email everyone’s picks out, after that everyone’s pick is locked in.

--In the event of a tie for a game no points will be added or subtracted.

--If there is a Thursday game I will just email out the picks for that day. The rest of the picks will be emailed out Sunday.

--Tuesdays I will also email out everyone's total score for the week and the standings.

--You will receive a confirmation email when I have received your picks if you do not receive a confirmation 30 minutes before game time please email me.

--Team picks will be emailed out after I have received everyone’s buy in. I will email out the order in which everyone will be draw first then which teams were drawn. This will all be done physically by me with a witness. There will be no trading teams.

--To prevent a tie in points during our playoffs players will be asked to pick the combined score of the Monday night game whoever is closest over or under will win.


1st - $168
2nd - $80
3rd - $40

Payouts will be awarded AFTER the SUPER BOWL is complete.

I will be contacting everyone soon to arrange pick up of the buy in.
I wish you luck this year and have fun!

If you have any questions you can email me at hez_dispensers@yahoo.com.
Ray Hez


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