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Post  RayHez on Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:41 pm

Brent pointed out to me that I mistakenly forgot to include his ARIZONA and NEW ENGLAND picks. This has been changed in the system.

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New orleans
Green bay
Green bay
New england

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Subject: Week 3 Games, Matchups, Ray G Picks.
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WEEK 3 GAMESAWAY HOMEPOINTSPICKTIMENE(5)@BAL (6)16 720CIN (16)@WAS (20)15 1200KC (28)@NO (24)14 1200JAC (31)@IND (27)13 1200PHI (7)@ARI (14)12 325NYJ (18)@MIA (25)11 1200HOU (2)@DEN (10)10 325ATL (3)@SD (11)9 325TB (21)@DAL (15)8 1200BUF (22)@CLE (32)7 1200NYG (Cool@CAR (19)6 TH 720GB (4)@SEA (17)5 M 730STL (23)@CHI (12)4 1200DET (13)@TEN (26)3 1200PIT (9)@OAK (30)2 325SF (1)@MIN (29)1 1200


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